About me.

I was born in San Francisco, but raised in a few places; mainly New York. Never having been a city girl at heart, I left when I could. At various times during college (in Massachusetts) and shortly afterward, I lived in Russia, Austria, England and New Zealand.

Then I moved back to California, where I stayed for all but 6 of the next 22 years (I spent those 6 in Seattle). Until 2014, when I sold my home and moved to South America and then Portugal, to immerse myself in new cultures and languages. In January 2018 I returned to the US and moved to Oregon for my next adventure.

Meanwhile, after more than 20 years in the corporate world, wearing various hats in content strategy and management but always involving writing, editing, communication and bridging gaps, I’ve returned to one of the things I love doing: helping authors and small businesses make their books and other content the very best they can be.

Contact me to learn more. I look forward to working with you!

Why rainwaves?

I’ve always been most at home by the water. I created my first professional website in the late ’90s while I was living in Seattle, and I needed a domain name. After trying dozens of writing- and content-themed names in Whois and finding them all taken, I decided to make it something that was meaningful to me—and that might be memorable to others.

It works on another level, too: Water cleanses and purifies. Which is a great metaphor for clearing away anything that dims the light of your message or story.