Emiglio, the talking robot
Radio Flyer little red wagon
Remo Percussion Kids' Konga Drum

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Excerpts from AMAZON.COM DELIVERS: TOYS FOR AGES 5-7 YEARS, Editor, Rachel Radway

Stuff we love

Talking Boy Robot: Emiglio (Ages 4 to 10) by GP Toys

Imagine a butler who never takes a day off and drinks only battery juice. Impossible? Meet Emiglio — the Talking Boy Robot. Emiglio will quickly become fast friends with your child, who will, no doubt, dream up amazing feats for this smiling robot to perform. Parents are big fans, too — this cheerful little helper can serve drinks, bring you the paper, and even talk in your own voice (to keep the household running smoothly when you’re not around).

Barbie Personal Stereo Tape Player with Headphones (Ages 6 to 9) by KIDdesigns, Inc

If pink is the only color your little princess will be seen in, then the Barbie Personal Stereo Tape Player is an absolute must. The fully functional tape player plays any standard cassettes for on-the-go entertainment, and comes with a few features the grownup versions don’t: “fun-forward,” to make Britney Spears sound like a chipmunk, and a volume limiter switch, so parents can protect small ears.

Toy Story 2 Strummin’ Singin’ Woody Figure (Ages 4 to 7) by Mattel

Wynonna would swoon if she could see — and hear! — him now. Strummin’ Singin’ Woody makes the perfect companion for your “Toy Story 2” fan, whether sitting around the campfire or re-creating the Wild West in the playroom. The floppy, jointed doll comes with removable (empty) holster belt and requisite ten-gallon hat, and, of course, his guitar.


A customer told us, with a touch of nostalgia, how one little red wagon was used long ago: “[I] (1) pulled treasures around in it; (2) took my little sister around the block in it — trying to sell her; (3) set up a lemonade stand in it;(4) ran away from home with all my worldly goods in it; (5) filled it with sand and water from the hose; (6) delivered newspapers with it; and (7) napped in it.” Given all that, one little red wagon just might be the best investment you could make for your children — outside of a college fund!

Toys that teach

Remo Kids’ Konga Drum with Removable Strap (Ages 4 and older) by Woodstock Percussion, Inc.

Don’t let the brightly colored jungle print fool you — this Konga Drum is serious business. Sturdily constructed with an all-weather finish, this drum from Woodstock Percussion will last a long, long time. And, maybe more importantly, it makes learning fun. Kids will love learning the fundamentals of rhythm on it, and the adjustable strap means that the drum stays with them as they — and their musical skills — grow. So grab this Konga and join the parade!

Beetles, Moths and Bumblebees Puzzle (Ages 5 and older) by Tessellations

Creepy crawlies make this wonderful puzzle from Tessellations even more fascinating to children. Magnetized foam pieces in the form of beetles, moths, and bumblebees offer limitless possibilities in this very open-ended puzzle. Kids can use their imagination to devise new patterns and find some of the infinite number of solutions — what a fantastic geometry lesson!