It was such a pleasure working with Rachel. Not only did her edits and suggestions significantly improve my workbook, she patiently answered all of my questions and made the entire process a breeze. I’m already looking forward to working with Rachel on my next project!

Cate Brubaker, PhD

Author, The Re-entry Roadmap & The Study Abroad Re-entry Toolkit

I was repeatedly amazed at how you translated me! Your suggestions and corrections made the book more readable, more true to what I was often struggling to communicate… It’s a good story now, thanks to you. … I think we made a wonderful team. I had stories to tell, and you helped me tell them. Thank you for keeping my voice.

Jenice McAlevy

Author, "A Day Full of Cows: Letters from Nebraska"

I loved working with Rachel Radway!

She is smart, funny and thoroughly enjoyable as a colleague. Rachel is also very attentive to detail and is a superb writer and communications professional. Every project she took on was done on time and with high quality. 

It is both refreshing and rare to have a colleague who you can absolutely trust to do an outstanding job, much less one capable of providing thoughtful advice for improving my own work. Rachel Radway is one of those colleagues, and I would love the opportunity to work with her again.

I heartily and enthusiastically recommend Rachel! She’ll be a great asset to any organization and wonderful colleague.

Len Vraniak

Sr. Communications Specialist, Boeing

I worked closely with Rachel on digital learning products and product documents. Her unique background in managing content for various media from print, webpages, to mobile applications was a great asset to the team. 

I think one of Rachel’s contributions to the projects is the ability to maintain broader perspective of the product, including overall information flow and the target audience… When I needed naming ideas from her, she always came up with a list of choices, noting reasons why a certain one is better in a specific context. While maintaining the broad perspective, Rachel also paid attention to details—she did not miss even a single misplaced punctuation while going through a 50-page document with a short deadline.

C. Keiko Funahashi

formerly Online Instructional Designer, GlobalEnglish (now part of Pearson)

Rachel is a fantastic colleague and a great person to work with. She brings ideas to the table on messaging and brand issues. She understands the mechanics of communications and she effectively executes against a plan. 

She also produces high-quality written work product on a timely basis. Her ear for writing tone and sensitivity to her audience are near perfect, and she tenaciously fights to ensure that the work product is of the highest quality.

Benjamin Geyerhahn

formerly Director, Special Projects, Small Business Majority

Rachel was a terrific asset for Reputation.com and a true pleasure to work with. Her editorial instincts are spot-on and she is an expert at juggling multiple high-profile projects. I would gladly work with Rachel again in the future.

Rob Frappier

formerly Community Manager, Reputation.com

Rachel is a true consumer advocate: She is very detail-oriented but also sees the proverbial big picture and can articulate an overall and complex content strategy that spans multiple, global online properties.

She is a very hard worker and will work tirelessly to deliver the “right” consumer experience. 

Last but not least, Rachel is a fun person to work with and I would welcome the opportunity to work with her again.

F. B.

formerly Director of Product Management, Western Union Digital Ventures

Rachel was an experienced and knowledgeable editorial manager at WetFeet. She contributed many new ideas and approaches to web content projects at WetFeet. Rachel was very personable and it was a pleasure to work with her.

Long Ching

formerly Director of Systems Administration, WetFeet

You can count on Rachel. She pays attention to details while keeping the broad vision in focus. Her writing skills are topnotch, as are her editorial skills. Rachel was also a quick study at GlobalEnglish in writing and adapting summaries of complex news articles for nonnative English speakers. This is a challenge for any professional writer who is used to writing for native English speakers. Her knowledge and love of language enabled her to quickly adapt.

Terre Passero

formerly Manager, Learning and Performance, GlobalEnglish (now part of Pearson)

Rachel is an experienced creative writer who is flexible, energetic, and great to work with. Her writing is consistently creative and effective with the focus on what’s important to the audience. It was a privilege to work with her at Adobe. I highly recommend Rachel to anyone who is looking for a senior content/editorial person who has high-standards of professionalism and a laser-sharp focus on delivering key values to customers.

Michelle Perkins

formerly Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Adobe Systems

Rachel was easy to work with—efficient, thorough and an excellent communicator. She was responsible for creating and verifying all messaging and text in the user interface for our first direct-to-consumer application, Photoshop.com Mobile. She worked well under restrictive timelines, came up to speed quickly to understand a new product, and showed flexibility when delivering high quality copy.

Brady Kroupa

formerly Lead Computer Scientist, Mobile Devices, Adobe

Rachel is a great colleague to work with! She is a professional who cares deeply about great quality and is passionate about the work that she does. She is always on time to meetings, meets deadlines, and is a great team player…

Always a person I could talk to about anything and always with a smile and friendly personality. This girl rocks!! 🙂

Jacqueline Cisneros

formerly Visual Design Manager/Lead Visual Designer, PayPal

Rachel is a dedicated, bright and experienced professional who takes complete ownership of projects from start to finish. She is a strategic thinker, outstanding writer and valued team member.

Eric Moriyama

formerly Sr. Design Manager, PayPal

Rachel is a great person to work with. She was always very patient and detailed when working with cross-functional teams at PayPal, and quickly grasped the subject matter to create content that helped improve the user experience. She truly went above and beyond, time and time again, to ensure the job was done well. She has a great sense of humor and genuine intellectual curiosity as well.

Julie Jervis

formerly Sr. Content Manager, PayPal

Rachel was energetic, diligent, perceptive, and very very hard-working as a senior content manager at PayPal. She took on an extremely demanding project and worked hard to find solutions. Her content was clean and she met all deadlines. She contributed well to creating a good user experience. She was also a great help to her cross-functional colleagues in understanding the processes involved in producing international content. She was a pleasure to have on my team.

Janet Isadore

formerly Sr. Manager, Content, PayPal

Rachel was a joy to work with. Her communication skills and her attention to detail made her an asset to any project she worked on. Her considerable skill and dedication are missed on Boeing’s Corporate Web Team.

Chris Brownrigg

formerly Multimedia Graphic Designer, Boeing

Rachel Radway is an efficient and thorough professional whose years of experience shine through in her work. Apart from being a skilled copy editor, she also facilitates communication to ensure the client is satisfied with the final outcome. I would not hesitate to recommend her services.

Jessica DeCamp

Editorial Coordinator, Ivorypress